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VBA does not have built-in functions to manipulate SharePoint list items (add new, amend existing). So I'm writing some!
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VBA SharePoint List Library

VBA SharePoint List Library will be a collection of VBA functions designed to allow your VBA code to interact with a SharePoint list.

Currently it can create new list items, and update existing list items based on their ID. At present there is a single function: SPListItem


  • Microsoft Scripting Runtime
  • Microsoft XML, v6.0

In the VBA editor window choose Tools -> References.


SPListItem(SharePointUrl As String, ListName As String, ListData As Dictionary [, ItemID As Integer])

  • SharePointUrl is the address of a SharePoint site (e.g. http://sharepoint/site/)
  • ListName is the name or GUID of a list on that site (e.g. MyList)
  • ListData is a VBA dictionary object containing key value pairs, where the key is the name of a field and the value is the value that will be assigned to it.
  • ItemID is the SharePoint ID of a list item that will be updated (if omitted, a new list item will be created).


Please see the contribution guide in contributing.md